Welcome to Rad’s Sims Stuff!

Welcome to my Sims blog, where you’ll be able to find the latest news on my Sims blogs, the odd random story or challenge, legacy background info and outtakes, and my thoughts on particular aspects of the game.

Although I’ll continue to update my legacy families on their own blogs, check here for the news on the latest updates, as well as lots of other Sims-related content.  I’ll be adding more content (and links) this week and hopefully will be updating regularly.

Expect news of my latest legacy-type challenge within the next week or so (you can see the new founder in my temporary blog header) – in the meantime, visit the now completed Kyoti Legacy or catch up on the latest happenings at the apocalypse in The Lazarus Dispatches.

I also have a Twitter account for my Sims bloggage: http://www.twitter.com/radsims – and if you are interested in random waffle about British TV and suchlike, you could also follow my ‘real’ one: http://www.twitter.com/rad6380

Rad x


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