A new kind of legacy…


With the Kyoti legacy finished and World Adventures still being a few weeks away, I wanted a new challenge to keep me busy.  So, I got to thinking… I like playing challenges, but with the Kyotis and the Lazaruses I’ve been playing under some conditions that mean certain aspects of the game just weren’t going to happen for me – either because they weren’t allowed under the rules, or because they were too dang inefficient.

I therefore came up with an idea for a new kind of legacy challenge – to try EVERYTHING in game.  To buy and build everything, to use every trait, every interaction, every opportunity, every chance card, to have every kind of death, and possibly every kind of ghost baby – not to mention the heady mixture of twins, triplets, parties, LTWs and all the usual.  You can read my rules here, though they still might change…

So, if there are things you ever wanted to try in your legacy but you were too scared to try out, let the Dayes have a go at those things for you (though I can’t promise immediate results – we have a lot of legacy to get through here!).  I’m going to write this as an observational legacy blog with the emphasis on experimenting with the stuff you might not normally want to try in your average legacy (though of course they’ll be doing all that stuff too!).  Of course, before they can get onto the serious business of trying everything, there’s the traditional business of meeting our founder, engaging in some lawn living and starting a family to be getting on with.  Without further ado, I present to you: Dayes of Our Lives.

Fans of the Kyotis and that style of blogging, fear not, when the Lazaruses get Riverview out of the mess it’s in, and new rules-sets get developed for the EP, there’ll be a story-style legacy or challenge story for World Adventures in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed – I just didn’t want to do two similar legacy story blogs using the base game.


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