Patches, WA, CC and madness

Have had a few people asking me about my experiences in the patch/WA mayhem that has swept the sims community.  I had some issues with patch 1.6: visiting sims appearing as blank icons in the user panels; lots looking messy; SLOWNESS; businesses not collecting money and food spoiling quickly.

Because the hard drive with the base game on was filling up, I decided to move everything to a new drive with WA.  I backed things up to several places and then uninstalled the game.  I reinstalled, installed patch 1.7 and installed WA all on the new drive.  The only CC that I left in was .sims3pack stuff.

I then read up on CC issues and discovered a lot of people were having bother with package file CC and with mods.

I had taken out my mods folder altogether with the reinstall, so I booted the game up without it, replaced the CC on sims with something else (see Sindy and Piranha Daye in the photo for proof), then reinstated it, with the resource.cfg file in the WA folder.  I removed the nomosaic mod as it causes issues now, and I removed the chaos painting as it doesn’t work with WA.  I have no other mods and I only have a small amount of CC clothing and hair (some people who have hundreds of files are having major issues.  I have less than 30 files).

So far, my game works OK.  It’s a bit slower, but not terrible.  The food is still spoiling and I’m not sure about the businesses but the other glitches are OK.  Only I have a new glitch: the ages of my sims are all over the place (well the Dayes are, not the Lazaruses, but the Dayes have been travelling which may be the cause), so I’m g0ing to need to birthday cake some people up to sort it out.

Useful links to help you if you’re also struggling:,17269.0.html,17241.0.html

(Thanks to Catherine for some of the links)


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