Sadface :(

One of my favourite simmers seems to have deleted their blogs today.  This isn’t the first person I’ve seen delete blogs, and I’ve seen others just stop updating and vanish into the ether.  I know people have real life stuff that’s way more important than simming, but I hope they all know how much they are missed and how much people hope they’re OK.  I don’t think the others who have vanished will see this and know that people out there still think about them, but maybe the latest deletee will… and I hope it’s just a hiatus for them, rather than a gone for good thing.  Whatever you’re doing, I wish you all the best xxx


5 thoughts on “Sadface :(

  1. I dont exactly know who deleted theres but I know it is sad. I used to read the Arbor Family Legacy but they just went poof! And gone. Its sad, but I agree that they do have real life stuff and it is more important.

  2. Yeah, the Arbors were one of those I was thinking about, not who deleted yesterday, but in terms of those who disappeared quite suddenly. I just wish we knew people were OK and were just busy with real life before they went poof with no warning and no farewell!

  3. Ditto! Good hopes and wishes for deleters, especially the most recent!

    I haven’t updated my own blog recently, but that’s due to game malfunctions. I’m hoping to have them worked out soon.

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