Glitchy madness… can’t play

So… I can live with missing CC.  But I just tried to play and am having major post-patch glitchiness in the form of not being able to move things into/between inventories, and the move ‘grab’ hand getting stuck while I try to move things around the house.  The latter is irritating, the former makes the game unplayable.  Will be searching for a solution but it may have to be yet another reinstall (ulp).  There’ll be a new Lazarus entry tomorrow as I played through the next chapter, but as for when that or Dayes will next be playable, or when I can play through the December VSS story challenge… just keep your fingers crossed…


2 thoughts on “Glitchy madness… can’t play

  1. Oh no Rad! I feel your pain. Good luck with the potential reinstall or figuring out the glitchiness. Hopefully it gets all figured out soon!

    • Well, apparently it’s one of those glitches that comes and goes. Hmmm. I played a bit last night and hope to play more tonight so an update should be with you tomorrow or Tuesday. CC is all fixed though 🙂

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