A few little hitches…

So, I’m massively missing my Sims 😦 I wish I knew when the computer would be coming back to me (should be some time next week probably). Sigh. Still, I’ve been catching up on some blogs I’ve been meaning to read for ages, which is nice. I’m also looking for some great new reads, so if there’s a good story I’m not linking to yet, let me know and if I haven’t checked it out already, I will (can be Sims2 or 3, though I don’t really like Sims2 blogs that rely on the reader having a lot of knowledge of the game).

I’ll stick up the next Sim Site of the Week soon, and update my links to include a whole host of new tales I’ve been checking out. Things have been a bit mad for me lately; work has been full-on and my granddad died this week so everything’s been getting a bit neglected outside of those two things.

I also updated the Lazaruses a few days ago, and didn’t update the link here, so go feast yourself on the joys and sorrows in 4.5 Gains and Losses.

My High End Loft Stuff should arrive tomorrow, which is slightly rubbing it in seeing as I can’t play yet. I’ve never bought a stuff pack before so I thought I’d see if they really are as bad as people make out. I hear rumours the new 1.9/2.4 patch is borking CC again and I don’t know if my CC will have survived the computer farrago anyway (I backed up my saves but not sure I backed up the CC) so maybe the stuff pack will be the only new content that works next time I play!


6 thoughts on “A few little hitches…

  1. I’m surprised you don’t have Lakeside Heights linked. Laura is not only a creative player, she’s a writer as well.

    I don’t think I can adequately describe how awesome she is. The over all story is massive, but it’s easy to fall into as each post is basically it’s own short story. At the end of the entries, she links to past stories that are connected to the entry. (And then you end up digging backwards. Trust me, it is so easy!) No pre-made sims there, so you don’t need to know anything about TS2.

    And Carnaxa’s The Strange Wonderland. She just has a whole bunch of very short fiction pieces using TS3.

    • Lakeside Heights is on the list of 10-15 blogs I am intending to link in the next couple of days. It’s one of those I’ve been catching up on since being without my sims – I’m about halfway through reading it at all the moment, in fact!

      I didn’t realise Carnaxa’s latest project was up and running – will check it out, cheers.

      • Oh, I just thought of another one. Have you read or do you plan to read Colliding Stars? That’s another awesome story. The chapters read really quickly, the pictures are all so bright and colorful, and the whole thing is very enthralling.

  2. You’re massively missing your Sims – and we’re massively missing your updates! Sorry to hear about the hand life has dealt you recently – I wish you nothing but the best.

    On another note, I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the stuff pack — I have never bothered with them, but may decide to this time. I’m in the middle of playing a legacy with neurotic sims and I’m only controlling the heir, so its been interesting 🙂 — but I’m waiting until I have enough updates to get really far in advance so I don’t just end up stopping like last time.

    Anyways, hope stuff works out for you 🙂

    • Well, assuming I ever get my computer back, the Dayes will be getting their mits on the stuff pack. I have it (it’s called ‘Design and Hi-Tech Stuff’ over here) sitting on my dining table teasing me at the moment.

      I could have got some proper simming in today as well; I injured my back so am off work!

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