A bit of housekeeping

So, I still don’t have my computer.  I’m hoping it’ll be back tomorrow as that’s the only time I have available to play until Friday evening, and after that, Friday’s the only time I have to play and/or update until Tuesday 16th!  Aaargh!  I miss the Dayes and Lazaruses big-style, plus I’m itching to get to the new stuff I was hoping to work on, including VSS’s January story challenge.

In the meantime, I’ve had a blast catching up on stories.  I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping with my links, taking down stale ones (though I’ll put them back if they become ‘live’ again) and sticking up a whole new bunch of good stuff – go and feast yourselves on the good stories out there!


2 thoughts on “A bit of housekeeping

  1. Sorry to hear that your computer is still not back. I hope that it comes home soon in better shape than ever! (Is your tech handy? Does he or she have the skill maxed? 😉 )

    • I got it back on Wednesday evening, hooray! It was with the manufacturers as it was still under warranty and they “helpfully” wiped everything off it so I’ve been slowly putting things back. I have to admit TS3 was reinstalled before anything else.

      Hope to get some play in this evening.

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