I have the grumpy trait

I’m in a bad mood. My computer is still playing up and has had to go back for repair so I’ll be without my simmies for a fortnight or so yet again. Grr.

I’ve got one new Dayes update ready, Body to Body, and another that’s good to go but I’ll save it for a few days as it could be some time before they’re back.

Anyway, in the new update they’re experimenting with more LTRs and the body shaper, and there are some spaces freed up in the house…


3 thoughts on “I have the grumpy trait

    • I forget you lot don’t really have that term, it’s so normal over here. What do you say instead? Bi-weekly? Every two weeks?

  1. Bi-weekly tends to confuse people – no one is sure whether it means twice a week or once every two weeks. People would say “I’ll be without my computer for two weeks,” or “It seems like my computer crashes every two weeks/every other week/twice a month.”

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