Sim site of the week: Magical Roots

We’ve all seen that game crashes, glitching and real life chaos can seriously damage a legacy.  Sometimes people recover by starting a new legacy, sometimes by recreating their sims, sometimes by taking one of the family and starting a new generation with that sim.  NightRowan has taken an unusual approach to the problem of a legacy threatening to collapse halfway through – when the Root family legacy came to a halt, she took the heir-in-waiting and started her off again… but this time in the apocalypse.

Magical Roots is a normal legacy, playing for legacy points, as well as maintaining an alphabetical naming system and a matriarchy (with heir polls!) but there is also all the chaos of an apocalypse challenge thrown in for good measure!  Her sims are thus working to get LTWs, LTH points, skills AND lift restrictions – rarely has a family had so much to do!

It’s nice to see an apocalypse written in an observational style.  I love first person stories (I should, I did one!) but a change is always good, and this story is very funny to boot.  Hopefully the Roots can get out of the apocalypse before Gen 10 is born – they’re certainly working hard to try and make that happen.


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