Taken: Story Fragments and Prompts…

So I’ve had an idea for a story for a while now, and I’m itching to tell it, but I can’t while my computer is out of action – and even when it’s back I need to build a world as well as a lot of sets and characters, so it’ll probably be a few months before the story actually develops and I start publishing chapters.

The story will be called Taken and I can’t tell you too much about it without spoilers, but I want to start tossing around some ideas for it in the meantime to get my head around it a bit, so I’ll be using some of the theme prompts suggested by mdpthatsme over at VSS to kick about some fragments of story.

Some of them will be scenes and thoughts and events that make the final cut, others will just be exercises for me to get to know my characters and world a little better.  They won’t be in linear order but they shouldn’t contain too many spoilers.  Once I have the story underway I’ll probably move them over to its own blog but for now, you can follow the prompts on their page here as and when the mood takes me.  They won’t be especially brilliant in terms of writing, think of them as very early drafts, or notes in a scrapbook, rather than the real deal.  Most of them will be text, some will be pictures, and a few fragments will be a combination of the two.

The first prompt is the theme ‘colourful’ and if you want to read it, it’s here.  Don’t think this will tell you too much about the story though, I’m going to be very cryptic with these fragments and teasers for now!


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