Help set the Dayes’ travel itinerary

I still don’t have my computer back but its reappearance is likely to coincide with a few days off work, aka lots of simming time (after another lengthy reinstall process no doubt), so the Dayes will be travelling the world again and they’d like to know what you want them to get up to.

Already on the list for Gen 5 and 6 are:

  • Tomb exploration
  • Visas
  • Holiday homes
  • Mummies
  • Ghost mummies
  • Excavation
  • Nectar
  • Mating with Egyptian and French sims (preferably in tombs)
  • More photography (because I’m a glutton for punishment)
  • Collecting
  • Gem cuts, metal smelting etc.

But are there other WA-related things (or more specific things) you want them to try?  Are there locations you’d like them to visit, things you’d like them to do when they’re exploring tombs that your sims didn’t dare do?  Let us know!


4 thoughts on “Help set the Dayes’ travel itinerary

  1. How’s the computer doing? Any word from the shop?

    Do you know if babies can be born in France, Egypt, and China? Do they return home normally? If you leave six sims at home and take two on vacation, can they get pregnant and have a baby while there? Is it a way around the eight-person household limit?

    • Well, we’ll certainly try because I plan to get Gen 6 conceived overseas. I would imagine you can’t go over the 8-person limit.

      No news yet. It took a fortnight last time so I hope it’ll be back at the weekend or the start of next week at the latest. It better be anyway, I have some time off work next week when I want to be simming!

  2. Hello Rad!
    Your site is excellent! There is so much good stuff on it! It is an excellent Sims3 resource!
    I have added you to my blogroll!
    I have a new site, and have begun my first of many Sims 3 stories on it. Perhaps you could visit it and give me some feedback?
    The prologue is now posted!
    Also, the first installment will appear tonight!
    check it all out at:

    Please comment, and if you like it, add me to your blogroll! I would greatly appreciate it!

    Happy Simming!

    • Hello Rad!
      I just got your post on my site-thank you for letting me know that the page was not appearing-I seem to have fixed it now, at least, it is working for me, so you should be able to see/read it now!

      I hope you come back and read it now that its working again!

      Happy Simming!
      -Aalyah Reed

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