Sim Sites of the Week: The Shenston and Seraphine Legacies

Back in the days when I was doing the Kyoti Legacy and before I discovered the delights of Boolprop, the legacy threads on the official forums became the place where I’d most hang out.  A whole bunch of great legacies were formed there, some of which have sadly fallen by the wayside, others, like the Foliages and Nobles are still going strong, and a select few have completed.  One of the completed legacies was StarSarah’s Shenston Legacy.  Following Sarah Shenston and her legacy of female, often blonde, heirs, there was a real mix of drama, fun and Peggy hair which made the legacy addictive.  The Shenstons as a clan had a very distinct look and feel and they became very popular amongst the simming community – and the ending was just great.

StarSarah is now back with the Seraphine Legacy, a legacy where male and female sims are eligible for heirdom, and one in which, rather delightfully, she’s incorporating her own world.  I am always in awe of people who’ve finished a world in CAW because it’s so tricky, and her Angel Falls looks gorgeous.


One thought on “Sim Sites of the Week: The Shenston and Seraphine Legacies

  1. Gee thanks for the mention RAD, im really chuffed.

    The Seraphine Legacy is going well and am gradually getting my readers back. Nearly onto the second generation already, very exciting. xxxx

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