Update on my computer’s progress…or rather lack of…

I haven’t vanished, my computer is still AWOL.  It should have been back a few days ago but it’s still with the repairers and the shop don’t seem to know why or how long it’ll be away.  Apparently it could be anything up to SIX WEEKS!!!  I am most annoyed, not least because I have a few days off work this week that I was hoping to use to catch up.  So, blah.  I miss the Dayes and I was really itching to get started on Taken and on a WYDC but it may still be some time before I get my machine back.  To cap it all off, my telly died today, and just when new Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who are about to start this weekend as well!  Aaaargh!!


3 thoughts on “Update on my computer’s progress…or rather lack of…

  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Justice, thy name is NOT laggy repairmen.

    My sympathies on your forced separation from entertainment! I hope the telly and computer rejoin you soon in top shape.

  2. Sorry about your computer, Rad. I know exactly how you feel! I hope it “Get’s Well Soon!”
    Thanks for all the great feedback!
    I agree with you on it being long, and the format presentation being a little daunting-When I first posted it, I was thinking that it may be a bad format, and everyone seconded my opinion!
    Yes, when the pictures come in to play, it will be way more visually accessable and fun!
    I am glad you like the start!
    This was the only post that wouldn’t have them-it was purely for the benefit of a back-story!
    So, with the positive feedback I got, I will be posting the first entry, (with pictures!!!) this weekend.
    Please come back and see!

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