Sim site of the week: The Chouette Legacy

I can’t believe I haven’t made The Chouette Legacy my site of the week before, so this is long overdue.  Tipix is one of the friendliest, most encouraging simmers out there, always happy to comment on the stories she reads, but she also writes a cracking tale, too.  Her family have had their share of drama, sadness and longing and she’s great at getting inside her character’s heads.  She also has a very, very beautiful legacy house, which is just as well as the sims it inhabits are pretty darn gorgeous.  Her current, third  gen, heir is now an elder while her only daughter, the upcoming matriarch is still very young – this could mean some interesting, yet heartbreaking, storylines coming up.  Whatever happens, Tipix will narrate it with style and heart.


2 thoughts on “Sim site of the week: The Chouette Legacy

  1. Awwwww, thank you so much for the kind words Rad! I feel like a sim-celebrity to be featured here!

    This explains why my blog hits were off the stats chart today. I admit I’ve been trying to figure out why there were so many reads when I haven’t released the new chapter yet. Should have made my way here sooner and saved myself some confusion. Thanks again!

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