12, 13, 16 – my unlucky numbers

So both of my games went a bit screwy today, with an overseas trip in the Populous save file throwing an error 16 back at me, and the Dayes suddenly having weird glitches and not being able to go to France, then chucking error 12s and 13s all over the shop.

Like a fool, my last save backups were some time ago – I used to be totally anal about backing up but have gotten a bit lax lately. Oooops. There are a few things I’m going to try to fix the issues and if worst comes to the worst I’ll just stick everyone in the sim bin and start new game files yet again (aaargh). I am thinking World Adventures is the real culprit of making my game go screwy though, which is a shame, as it’s a lovely EP – just not necessarily too stable.

The upshot is that when I do have simming time (which isn’t much over the next week or two) it may be spent trying to sort out messes rather than playing, so expect a slight delay in Dayes of Our Lives entries. Operation: Population entries will still be appearing as and when I have time as I have played way, way ahead.

Oh, and there is a new, pre-messy Dayes entry up now: China in Your Hand.

Sim site of the week should be with you tomorrow evening, along with chapter 9 of Operation: Population.


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