Sim site of the week: BoolpropFightTheAddictionFalse

Normally I like to promote the ‘little guys’ here – sim stories, simmie blogs, small simmie forums (and probably some sim CC sites at some point) but even though many of you are already members of Boolprop, I want to big it up. You see, the more I read on people’s blogs about the trials and tribulations out there in the big wide simmie world on some other forums and communities, the more I’m glad for those, like Boolprop and Valley Sun Sims where people are, on the whole, just nice and friendly and into talking about the game or their stories. Maybe there are areas in Boolprop where it gets a little more fraught or bitchy but if so I haven’t noticed that. On the whole it’s a really nice simming community to belong to, with people of a range of ages, TS2 and TS3 players alike who are supportive of one another and particularly of legacies and challenges (VSS is the best place to hang for more ‘serious’ stories IMO but Boolprop does a neat little sideline in that too). So if you’re looking for a nice sim community to join and lots of interesting stories, legacies and challenges to read and you’re not already a Boolpropian/Taffer/insert pet name of your choice, then come over and give the place a try. This week I’m really glad to belong there.


3 thoughts on “Sim site of the week: BoolpropFightTheAddictionFalse

  1. Hey Rad! I really enjoy reading all of your challenges. The fact that you completed a legacy gave me a newfound respect for you, even though you complete so many other long, and often “grueling” challenges.

    I have played through several legacies before, but have never blogged about them. I would always screenshot the founder’s first few days, then do nothing with the pictures.

    However, today I started a new legacy and it all changed. It isn’t a “Traditional” legacy, really. I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out:

    I have updated it with a prologue, and should do Chapter 1.1 soon. If you like it enough, please add it to your blogroll — that would mean a lot!

    Thanks — have a great day!

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