Sim site of the week: A Rolling Stone Gathers no MOSS

There’s a whole raft of new challenge blogs springing up at the moment, which is great, with people taking on WYDCs, Chauvinist challenges, ISBIs (I’m surrounded by idiots), wishful living challenges and DIFTs.  One of the most advanced DIFT stories, and a cracking one to boot, is A Rolling Stone Gathers no MOSS.

The idea of a DIFT (Differences in the Family Tree) challenge is to go through the careers generation by generation, and each generation also has several objectives to fill in line with their career goals.  When the heirdom passes, the heir also has to move out of the old family homestead and into somewhere new.  It’s an interesting take on the legacy idea, and StyxLady carries it off with aplomb, with some fabulously loveable characters.  You can meet her founder, Stone, here and follow the chapters from there onwards.


3 thoughts on “Sim site of the week: A Rolling Stone Gathers no MOSS

  1. Hey Rad!
    I just stared a DIFT Challenge myself. Though my previous legacy was going great, through a strange twist of events, it got permanently deleted.

    I have begun playing the new challenge and hope to post tomorrow.

    Please check it out at


  2. Hey wow! I was just searching for this to congratulate Morbid Mew, as I didn’t even know about this site, and I find this from months ago! I’m sorry I didn’t know about it then so I could thank you, but I’ll thank you now! :). Thanks so much for mentioning my story, and for reading it and commenting on it. It really means a lot! ❤

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