*SPOILER* Have you ever seen this?

This contains a spoiler for Operation: Population, so I’ll put it under a cut…

So, Asa was visiting a potential conquest and asked if he could stay the night. She said yes and then I got this pop-up

Is this new with Ambitions, or has anyone had this pop-up before?


6 thoughts on “*SPOILER* Have you ever seen this?

  1. I’ve actually had it happen twice before, and I have neither WA or Ambitions. I was equally surprised. The only problem is that the first time, the guy who was asked was cheating on his wife, and his mistress asked him to move in (which he couldn’t). The second was a couple who I planned to have try for baby then move out. They guy asked the gal to move in before I tried, so I denied it. That particular time, their relationship meter went down a LOT! Did this happen to you?


  2. I had that happen once when I had my Sim go visit her son that had moved out. Their relationship meter did go down a lot when I denied the request. It was my first game, no expansions.

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