A nice surprise!

I don’t check my blog stats too often, but I was having a look at them today, and, out of curiosity, I thought I’d see whether The Kyoti Legacy (my first, completed legacy) or The Lazarus Dispatches (my completed apocalypse) were still getting visitors – I’ve had comments on both this week which piqued my interest.  I was shocked to see how many visitors they’re getting.  So I just want to say hello to any new people who just found those stories, whether from reading the more recent ones, or from referrals on other people’s sites or simply from random searching, and I want to say I really appreciate you checking them out!  Awww, I feel really chuffed that people still want to read them all these months later 🙂

PS New Dayes tomorrow – two if I have time to caption the shots.  Operation: Population will probably update Monday or Tuesday, AND I’ve finally started taking enough shots and building enough sets that new story Taken should launch this week sometime as well (the site’s active if you want to subscribe or anything but there’s nothing really there yet).  My aim is to update that story roughly once a week, but the set building and shot taking can take some time so its punctuality will depend on if it fits in around work deadlines and so on.


5 thoughts on “A nice surprise!

  1. I’m one of the ones who looked at the Lazarus Dispatches, I haven’t had a chance to read it all the way through yet – though I plan to. I was really impressed to find a finished apocalypse. Every time I get involved with one, the player either loses their game, they fail or give up. Its sad.

    ~ Toast

    • Oooh, hello! Loving your DIFT by the way!

      Yeah, I only know of one other TS3 finished apocalypse – NightRowan’s Magical Roots, which she did for the middle generations of her legacy (though the legacy itself isn’t finished yet). There aren’t that many finished legacies either, which is a shame.

  2. I actually only recently visited The Kyoti Legacy, and I loved it. I was able to read it through in 2 nights (I know what you’re thinking – does he have a life?? Haha)

    You really are a talented writer and (Apparently) extremely dedicated to complete so many long, difficult challenges.

    Best of Luck,
    http://granjerolegacy.wordpress.com (A DIFT Legacy) — note: not same blog as user icon link!

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