New story: Taken

I’ve finally got my new story, Taken, underway.  I can’t say I’m in love with the opening chapter, but opening chapters are never what you want them to be, are they?  Anyway, I’m aiming for a new chapter a week, or thereabouts, and you can expect it to run for several months.

I also sneaked out an extra Dayes of Our Lives update last night: Making nectar, Making room, and am about to get to work on Operation: Population chapter 24.  I might manage another Dayes update over the weekend, because I want you to meet Mozzy and Javelin’s offspring.  After that it’ll be Thursday I imagine before more updates.


3 thoughts on “New story: Taken

  1. Rad,

    I’ve commented several times. As you probably know, I write the Granjero Legacy. When you read, you will see I had a problem with CC – it caused major glitches, and when I removed it, the file was too corrupted to continue. So, I had to discontinue that blog, and have started another DIFT challenge – The Baker Legacy. It has a twist at the beginning, and my founding characters have a different past than most.

    I hope you will take the time to visit it – also, you may want to remove the Granjero legacy as inactive. the new address is
    (note: not the same as profile link)

    Thanks – good luck with Taken,

      • The Delfino legacy was lost to a more “humanizing” glitch – i.e., my little brother, who somehow managed to erase the file and all backups…as well as uninstalling the game…never was sure how he did it.

        But yeah, it does – needless to say, I’m hoping this works out!

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