Sim site of the week: Club Crimsyn

Club Crimsyn is one of the best known and most interesting Custom Content sites out there.  They provide stuff for both TS2 and TS3 and have a distinctive style.  There’s a lot of alternative, industrial, grungy, goth and urban stuff there, with some brilliant hair, clothing and scenery – it’s a particularly rich source for male sims, which is very welcome considering all the CC there is for females.

However, the best thing ever is the new Pandorica Opens set of Doctor Who goodies.  At least Christmas won’t seem so far too wait when you can stare at Daleks and the TARDIS every day.


3 thoughts on “Sim site of the week: Club Crimsyn

    • Yes, this site has some good items but the fact that you have to download a whole nother program and then go through several steps just to download their stuff is not cool. If I could ask the creators I would ask them why the content they make require a seperate program installation?

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