Taken: Chapter 2, and update schedule….

It’s taken longer than I hoped, because I’ve been away in London working for a few days, but Taken 2: Loss is now up.

I hope to get new OP and Dayes out sometime in the next few days but they will both be pretty short chapters as I have an important deadline this weekend.  I’ll aim to get Taken chapter 3 out next Wednesday, providing I can find the time to finish taking the shots.  An early notice: I’m on holiday 12-17 July so there won’t be anything up on any of my blogs during that period.  I’m also a bit behind on my reading but I am trying to catch up when I have bits of time, so if you normally see me commenting on your blog and I haven’t been there lately, I will come over again soon!

I think I forgot to post up last week’s updates here: Did you ever know that you’re my hero?, in which the Dayes have another baby and Mozzy has some good news, and Operation: Population 25: Enjoying a Hobby in which there are births and birthdays.


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