Sim site of the week: The Chagall Legacy

It’s always tricky to get a legacy to be unique – everyone starts with the same basic template: live on the grass, produce some sprogs, go for ten generations, and it often takes a couple of generations before it feels unique. However, The Chagall Legacy blows that idea out of the water and right from the first post, it becomes a different beast entirely, with a strong storyline as the founder spends a lot of time exploring and getting into various scrapes overseas, while befriending a neighbour with issues of her own. I know I’m not selling it well so far, but there are mysteries here, and a great set of characters – and it doesn’t even feel like it’s a legacy yet so I’m intrigued to see how that will develop. This is also the best use of World Adventures I’ve seen in any sim blog to date and wait until you see writer Tesseracta’s way of handling the whole lawn living issue. I love this story so much!


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