Boolprop Mod Lair!

So, over at Boolprop, there’s a challenge going on to build a summer holiday home for the mod team, and though building isn’t my forte (yeah, the lair is essentially a couple of glorified boxes – all my builds are glorified boxes) I thought it’d be interesting to meet the challenges and try and make something nice.  They have a nice lot to start with…

The downstairs of the main building has a lounge, two bathrooms….

…and a kitchen.

The mods got to work pretty quickly, with Sophie making an autumn salad…

…and Meghan grilling some hot dogs.

The other end of the kitchen has a washing machine and tumble dryer, a fish tank…

…and table football.  Abby likes this side of the kitchen.

The lounge has two sofas, an armchair, books, a telly and a games console, as well as a great view of the sea – all the rooms except the bathrooms have a sea view.

Abby indulged herself with a bubble bath…

The other bathroom is a bit more economical, with a shower.

The first floor of the main building houses the office.  The walls have orange, purple, blue and green on to please everyone.

The room is kitted out with noticeboards, shelving and lots of clutter…

There’s also a bookshelf, as these mods love reading, a stereo to pump out some summer tunes while they work and a globe so they can keep track of where all the Boolprop users live.

Here they all are hard at work, our five-count-em mods – Meghan, Abby, Teresa, Munks/Sophie and Sporks/Chelsea.

Notice how they all have laptops?

That’s so they can work outside instead, if they choose.

Time for a tour of the bedrooms now.  The first thing Meghan did when she arrived on the lot was make a beeline for her room.  Meghan, Teresa and Abby are in the second building, which is raised on pillars so they all have a better view of the sea.

Meghan made a beeline for the music box immediately.  I think she likes it.  There are two cameras available for her as well.

As well as the communal games console, Meghan has her own personal one…

…and she also has a bookcase and chest of drawers.

Meghan’s room from above…

…and at night, with blue coloured lights in the room.

Meghan was the first to go to bed as well…  awww.

Just upstairs from Meghan is Abby.

Hi Bella!

The requisite bookcase…

…which is already being put to good use.

The room at night.

Above Abby is Teresa…

I hope this room is sufficently country-style.

I even went for the most country-esque TV.

In the main building, Chelsea and Sophie have penthouse rooms.

Sophie has the requisite blue, green and purple, as well as some reading material and music.

There are some disco lights…

…a bookcase and an easel.  TS3 has no bubble blowers, so I gave Chelsea bubbly wallpaper…

…and a sprinkler to play with.

She also likes to fish…

…and jump on the trampoline.

In fact, there’s lots to do outside…

…like have a picnic…

…play Sim Gnubb…

…charm snakes…

…or swim.

Underneath the second building is a space for bikes if people fancy a little trip off-lot…

…and on top of it is a little seating area…

There’s also a telescope up here.

So, what else do we have on the lot?

…well, there’s tents in case the mods fancy sleeping outdoors…

…the obligatory gnome…

…and flamingo.

Wait a minute… what’s this?

Why, it’s the secret underground disco lair!

Where’s Teresa?

Making sure everyone has a drink of course!

If the mods want to take the party outside…

What better than fireworks?

Of course, sometimes there’s nothing better….

Than to chill out with friends, toasting marshmallows on a summer night…

By the way, the actual lot cost was 10,000 more than this but it depreciated overnight – still under the 145K limit though.


3 thoughts on “Boolprop Mod Lair!

  1. Call it a “Glorified Box,” but this house is awesome. I can’t build big ones like that – I have to add on over time. When I have “unlimited” funds with which to build, I concentrate too much on the house. Then, when I’m done, I no longer want to play.

    I have a question – what type of computer do you have? I have a Mac, and I can’t figure out how to download from Mod the Sims on it. Would happen to be knowledgeable in that field?



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