Ten things… Jenny

There’s been a meme going round lately where people have to tell us ten things about one of their characters.  Thelunarfox suggested she’d like to learn more about Jenny from Taken, so here we go…

1. She is still a virgin and has only been kissed by two boys in her life.

2. She discovered she was good at textiles when she was in year seven (age 11-12) and they had to do a textile-based project. Before that, Jenny had never been the best at anything.

3. She wishes she had a little brother or sister.

4. She admires Katie for working so hard and achieving such great results, and is a little jealous of Katie’s intelligence.

5. She likes boy bands even though she feels it’s a bit uncool to admit it now she’s 16.

6. She is much more insecure than anyone realises.

7. She loves her grandparents very much and wishes she could see more of them.

8. She once went to a tattoo studio with a couple of the cool girls from school but was too afraid to get one done.

9. She is incredibly flattered when someone pays attention to her, particularly if it’s someone she admires or respects.

10. She will do whatever she can to protect those she loves.


3 thoughts on “Ten things… Jenny

  1. This was very insightful. Such a sweet girl, trying so hard to stand out and yet seemingly unwilling to take the extra step like in #8.

    #4 I can see that.

    I can’t wait to learn more about her. She is still such a mystery.

    • You will indeed learn more about her in good time.

      She is essentially pretty ‘good’ but like a lot of teens wants to be cool or rebellious – only slightly though.

  2. Awww… *sniff*

    Love fact #5, haha, that’s such a teen thing to do. #7 is another harsh one considering what we know at this point. And #10, well that seals it.

    I am very much loving this story. 🙂

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