Lots of new stuff!

Oh yes.  There’s a new Taken chapter out, 5. The Girls of 6B.  I also updated the character bios and have added Naomi’s mosaic and Jenny’s ‘Ten things’ to their bio pages.  I won’t be doing these for everyone but might add these or other memes as and when the mood takes me.  Feel free to suggest if you particularly want a ‘ten things’ or mosaic done for any of my characters (from any story) if you want, though.  Oh, and there are new extras to go with chapter 4 (no extras for chapter 5 I’m afraid).

But that’s not all!  Oh no.  There is a new Dayes update, Light of my life, in which we’re stylin’, smashin’ and stealin’ and TWO-count-em Operation: Population updates, 30. Pursuing an Ambition and 31. Finding a Father.  Expect chapter 32 tomorrow.  Probably.


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