Genetically Challenged…

A couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening looking at the Good Genes challenge thread over on GoS.  The idea was to take a malformed sim, mate them with townies and try and get the best result by the fourth generation.  Each generation could have three kids, and you could choose any one of those to parent the next ‘generation’.  There isn’t a way of malforming sims to the same extent to TS3 as far as I’m aware, but it looked like fun, so I made the most hideous sim I could in CAS and tried it out.  Meet Gar Goyle…

And here she is in side view.  Unfortunately my game crashed and I don’t have a save, so I can’t remember all the children’s names (though one was a Racheal, like Racheal Daye.  Stupid EAxian spelling), so they’re just going to be 1-9.  I invited various Riverview folks over and used Twallan’s Master Computer to make instant babies of a random gender with them, then I triggerered a bunch of age transitions.  I stuck with adult sims for the genetic donors, which is a shame as there are some pretty teens in Riverview.

I thought this was George Baker, but looking at the sim profiles on Sims Wikia it appears not.  But this sim is Riverview Daddy 1, whoever he is.

Baby 1 was rather cute and inherited a skin blend somewhere inbetween his parents’.

Not bad as a young adult, though I’m not so keen on the nose.

Parent 2 was Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes

What an adorable little boy 2 is!

As a teen and YA he wasn’t so hot, so 1 is still in the lead to produce the next generation.

Here’s Tom Shallow, who spent his entire time on the lot laughing at everyone else and being mean.

And here is his daughter, 3.  Isn’t she a picture?!

Her nose is even more impressive than her mother’s.  Needless to say she won’t be passing on her genes, but I love her, because the boys looked far too good to have been Gar’s sons.

So 1’s first mate, Travis McDermott arrived…

His son, 4, shows how skin blending can go wrong in this game.

Hmm.  Not bad, I guess.

Roxie Lin was our next genetic donor.

Her son, 5, is cute, he looks more like 1, but he has her nose.

5 is a fine specimen, though his eyes and nose could be better…

I can’t remember the name of 6’s donor daddy.  He had five traits so I didn’t think he was a service sim, but he might have been.  It’s not like I was doing this for anything other than fun so don’t judge me!

6 is pretty cute.  Gar’s hair is quite determined to span the generations.

I don’t like her mouth, though, so 5 can pass on his genes to the final generation.

Fatima Simovitch was mummy donor 7…

Her little girl looked best as a child, I think.

7’s chin is a bit too much like her great-granny’s but other than that I think she’s rather cute.

We couldn’t procreate in Riverview without Don Lothario, could we?

8 is actually his son, not his daughter…

He has a  certain charm, and he looks nothing much like Gar, though I think he’s the kind of sim that only suits certain hairstyles.

Rhoda Bagley was our final genetic donor…

I think 9 has quite a bit of his mum about him.

I think 9 may be the best of the fourth gen, though there wasn’t anyone who didn’t inherit either Gar’s hair colour or some shade of green skin.

Anyway, this was fun to do and an interesting experiment in Sims 3 genetics. I am considering entering the next GoS competition for real.


6 thoughts on “Genetically Challenged…

  1. I absolutely love genetic challenges like this and it was interesting to see it done with The Sims 3.
    *giggle* “Gar Goyle”. It was only really girl 3 who looked like her, it would have been funny to breed her too, don’t you think?
    I have to say though; Don’s son was quite a charmer. ❤

  2. Yeah, 9 really takes after Rhoda. He looks like a green version of Rhoda’s brother Sherman (build and all).

    Ooh, this seems like a fun challenge. I may try it myself later on.

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