Sim site of the week: The Spectrum Legacy (aka the most colourful family in Twinbrook)

You want to know what I love in a legacy? When it’s fun, warm and it’s clear the writer enjoys playing and writing about their sims. Desmera is therefore my kind of simmer, and The Spectrum Legacy (aka The Most Colourful Family in Twinbrook, because there are several Spectrum legacies!) is right up my street. It’s a rainbow legacy and the names she comes up with for the kids are hilarious. She does update at a rapid pace though, but the chapters are easy to whip through if you get behind.


2 thoughts on “Sim site of the week: The Spectrum Legacy (aka the most colourful family in Twinbrook)

  1. What a high compliment from my favorite simmer! I found your blog through the Charms (actually you recommended it to me on her forums) which was the first sims blog I ever read. I was amazed that people put these stories out there, until then I just played my game in ignorant bliss.

    Since then you have become my favorite sim writer by far and I eagerly read everything you put out there! Ok that came out kinda stalkery hah! Thanks for keeping me entertained with all your amazing sims! It really means a lot to me that you like my legacy *blush*

    I know I put the chapters out pretty fast and there are several reasons for it. First I really, really want to finish a legacy for once. I haven’t managed to do it yet and I figure the faster I go the less chance i’ll lose interest and start something else. (I’m a bit of a new simaholic, I have about a billion saved games. Think of an absent minded person and shiny things. . .”Oh shiny *wanders away* ) The other reason is because I’m a bit of an mmo junkie and two major games for me are coming out soon! (Final fantasy 14 in September and the World of Warcraft expansion soon after hopefully.) My odds of completing my legacy go down drastically when those come out I think.

    At first I thought writing a legacy would be scary because I’ve never written anything before and am completely horrible at computer anything but wordpress is surprisingly easy to use so far!

    Ok I should stop typing now, this is the longest comment ever. Thank you again!

    • Update as fast as you like! I updated the Kyotis all the time back in the day. I just get behind because I follow so many blogs, but your entries are all short and easy to read, and it’s always a pleasure catching up.

      I’m your favourite simmer? Awwwww, you’re too kind. *Blush*

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