GoS monthly challenge – five sims (downloads available)

The monthly challenge over at GoS at the moment is to make a number of sims from a series of 26 prompts.  I chose to do the five sims in a month challenge and rolled dice to determine which of the prompts I would use.  They were: Moss, Teal, Crimson, Vinaceous and Cyclops.  The sims and some shots of them are below, and I’ve hopefully uploaded them OK but it’s my first time using MediaFire so do tell me if it’s working or not!

Traits and LTWs have been selected from across the base game and both EPs though I assume the game will just replace the traits if you don’t have either EP installed.

Macy Teal

Macy has loved music and dreamed of making it big as a rock star ever since she was young. She’s happy to start out playing in dingy bars, but does she have what it takes to make it big? Macy is strong, independent and can handle herself.

Traits: Disciplined, Handy, Virtuoso, Party Animal, Computer Whizz. LTW: Rock Star.

Download Macy (Mediafire)

CC used:

Tattoos: Ambitions base tattoos and the set from Lost Utopia.

Piercings from aikea_guinea

Tops: Long sleeved teal top from the EA store; Black top from Liana.

Teal trousers with metal accessory: EA Store

Merlot DeVine (vinaceous)

Merlot DeVine pursues three things in her life: pleasure, success and wealth.  She has a refined taste and there is something intoxicating about her.  Sweet at first, too much of her can leave you in a mess…

Traits: Snob, Flirty, Dramatic, Born Saleswoman, Charismatic (I wanted evil instead of Born Saleswoman but couldn’t roll up the nectar LTW).  LTW:  Bottomless Nectar Cellar (though Golddigger or either of the money LTWs would also work).

Download Merlot (Mediafire)


Hair: converted by Anubis here.

Eyes: Pure eyes

Dresses: I can’t find the site!  It’s a mostly TS2 one, but has a few TS3 items, mostly designer ball gowns.  NOT All About Style.  If anyone knows which site I’m thinking of, can you let me know.  I had about an hour’s searching and couldn’t locate it today.

Tattoos: See Macy.

Redd Crimson

Sultry, moody, but sophisticated, Redd wants to be looked up to, admired and envied.  He desires only the finest things in life, and doesn’t care how he gets them.

Traits: Born salesman, Charismatic, Hot-headed, Snob, Perfectionist.  LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury

Download Redd (Mediafire)


Hair Raonjena converted by Anubis here

Dress coat: EA store

Top: World Adventures

Piercings by Astray sims

Eyes: Pure eyes

Default facial hair replacements by KittyKlan

I think Redd and Merlot would be pretty interesting together: explosive, volatile and passionate…

Si Klops (yeah, you can kill me for the name)

Si has ambylopia and is very paranoid about people judging or rejecting him because of it, so prefers to keep his ‘bad’ eye covered with his hair.  He’s very precise and delibrate in everything he does.  He’s shy but will open up to the right people.  He enjoys nothing more than working out or playing guitar and strives to do well in both.

Traits: Loner, Virtuoso, Disciplined, Neurotic, Neat.  LTW: Physical Perfection

Download Si (Mediafire)


Hair: Ambitions

Trousers: EA store

Jeans: Barracuda set at All About Style

Maurice Moss

OK, so the likeness isn’t as good as some people might manage but the nose is pretty spot on and I tried with the rest! I couldn’t resist responding to the prompt this way. (For the uninitiated)

Moss works in IT for a company called Reynholm Industries. Socially awkward, shy but clever, he’s a dab hand at Countdown and at GMing roleplay games.

Traits: Childish, Computer Whizz, Genius, Eccentric, Inappropriate. LTW: Monster Maker

Download Moss (Mediafire)


Hair by HystericalProxysm

Jacket top: EA store


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