The ever-complicated Populous Family tree

Here’s an update on how the Populous family tree is looking.  If you haven’t read the latest chapters, do so, as this contains spoilers.

I wish the in-game tree would show all of Bebe and Asa’s kids and grandkids on one screen, though, as then you’d get a full idea of the complexity…

Fitzy appears on the right because he’s Bebe and Asa’s child together but if you click on any of the siblings they all appear in the right birth order.  This is a little bit ahead of game as Olenski is a toddler, but you’ll see that next update anyway.

The girls and Tristan are all teens too, but again, that’ll happen next update.  You will notice something odd about Asa’s tree – Sterling appears as a ghost.  This is because sometimes the game randomly kills toddlers, possibly to make room for population growth, and it did this to Sterling, but there was no gravestone (as there isn’t when the game kills toddlers).  If he had died properly I would have used it in the story but he didn’t, so I used Twallan’s Master Controller to bring him back, only when he came back he was a living child in appearance but still dead in terms of how the game sees him (so when you hover over edit town he seems to be a ghost even though he plays like a normal living sim and looks like one in-game).  I did feed him ambrosia but it didn’t make any difference.  This explains something weird that happens later on in the story.

And in Mandie’s tree we start to see how messy the family is becoming, with her dating Sterling. Don’t ask me why the Altos appear to be alive, they’re definitely dead!


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