New Taken update and other news

The next chapter of Taken, 9. Nita and Ando, is up, and we’re back with the 6B girls for a couple of chapters now.

My computer has to go away for a few days so I won’t be able to play.  That’s sad but also good as I have so much work to do at the moment and it’ll give me one less distraction – it also means I might have time to catch up on some blogs.  I just hope they fix it without me having to reinstall everything.  Anyway, hopefully I have enough shots saved to update Taken next week and to probably do a couple of OP posts.  I only have enough for one Dayes update though, which you’ll see later this week at some stage.

By the way, when I get the machine back I am going to start uploading some sims.  It’ll take quite a long time so I’ll have to do them in stages, but I should be able to eventually get most of the Dayes and Populouses up along with Gar Goyle and whichever of her offspring I have in the sim bin, and a smattering of whichever Kyotis and Lazarii I can find in my files.  If there’s anyone you’re desperate to get your hands on let me know and I’ll try and upload them first.


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