A quick note: busy busy busy!

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on both the writing and reading front lately, I have three massive deadlines in September, AND have to prepare for teaching starting again in a couple of weeks, so work’s taking the front seat at the moment.

Alongside this, my laptop went away to be repaired and in the process of repairing it, they helpfully broke the buttons on my trackpad so it has to go back again!  As a result I haven’t really played in the past couple of weeks, and won’t be doing so for the next week or two, so don’t expect a new Dayes update for a while (although I don’t think I posted a link to the most recent one, Superfreaks, on here yet).

Have started Taken chapter 10 and hopefully will get that out later this week when I find a bit of time to write it.  Expect the next Operation: Population chapter at the weekend (again, I don’t think I linked to the last chapter, 38. Meeting a New Family).  Can’t make promises about how often anything will be updated after that but I should be back on track with updating all three every 7-10 days or so once October rolls around, and I can’t wait to catch up on all the blogs I’m behind on.

R xx


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