GoS monthly prompts: September

Another set of sims inspired by GoS’s monthly prompts.  This time I made eight of them, all decided by dice rolls.  CC list and photos under the cut.

On all sims, I use KittyKlan’s facial hair replacements, Kanno’s moonlight bodies and tamo’s Ultra Plain Faces.  Unless stated, eyes are tamo’s Ultra Plain Eyes and I use the tricolor contacts.

If I haven’t listed something, it’s because I think it’s base game, but I have all the EPs and SPs plus a ton of store stuff and CC so it’s possible I’m wrong.

Prompt: Vert.  Sim: Impy Green

If you go down to the woods today…


Fairy outfit: store
Hair: Anubis’s Peggy conversion
Eyes: Flajko’s Pure eyes

Prompt: Barbigerous. Sim: Zephyr Skylight

Keepin’ on rockin’


Hair: Ambitions

Prompt: Tango.  Sim: Vincent D’Amore

The romance of the dance…


Cigarette: Uirty at SimsCave

Eyes: Ultra Plain Eyes (see above)

Prompt: Demonocracy.  Sim: Sam Landers

When faced with my demons, I clothe them and feed them…


T-shirt: Miss Skitty

Hair: Anubis’s conversion of Anto 27

Wrist scars: Miss Skitty

Jeans: aikea_guinea

Piercings: aikea_guinea

Prompt: Discomania.  Sim: Dazzle Dust

Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free…


Tattoo: Lost Utopia

Top: Store

Skirt and/or leggings: I can’t remember for sure, but I think they might be Anubis’s H&M conversions

Hair: Skeletal Screams

Prompt: Demure.  Sim: Simon Jones

You don’t really need to take my picture, do you?


Jumper: World Adventures I think

Hair: Anubis’s Raon conversion

I can’t remember if the jeans are CC, but if they are, they’ll be from either Club Crimsyn or the EA Store.

Prompt: Bodach.  Sim: Sly Bodach

I’m comin’ ta get ye…


Hair: store

Kilt: store

Outfit: store

Piercings: Astray sims

Eyes: Pure Eyes (see Impy Green)

Prompt: Adrenaline.  Sim: Adrianna Lynne

Zoom!  Shake the Room


Cigarette: see Vincent D’Amor

Tattoos: Ambitions and Lost Utopia (see Dazzle Dust)

Helmet: Ambitions

Piercings: Astray Sims (see Sly Bodach)

Eyes: Pure eyes, I think.

Catsuit: Fast Lane Stuff

Dress: Anubis

Hair: Anubis’s conversion of Raon 16 (err, I think, anyway)


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