New! Download my sims

I’ve now added a downloads page where you can get a whole bunch of my sims, including Bebe and Asa Populous and several of their kids and grandkids, all my GoS monthly prompt sims, a handful of Goyles (from the good genes experiment a few weeks ago) and several Dayes.  I’ll be adding more sims to it soon, including more Populouses and Dayes, and, eventually some Kyotis and Lazaruses.  I am not anticipating adding anyone from Taken unless there’s anyone you desperately want in your game.  I’ll add Calista, my model for the Boolprop NTM challenge, once the challenge ends.

If there’s a particular piece of CC you need for a sim, just ask.  Eventually I’ll try to keep a list but it’ll take me time to get onto it.

All are YAs unless specified, and all are SavedSims that will appear in your sim bin.  At the moment there are only the “human” version of ghosts though eventually I will try to upload ghost sims as households.

No hidden traits are included, no skills and no LTW fulfilment.  In a few cases, the LTW is different because their in-game LTW didn’t show in CAS.

If any of them don’t work, please let me know.



2 thoughts on “New! Download my sims

    • Thanks! If there’s anyone you want who’s not here, keep watching for the next couple of weeks… and if they don’t appear, chase me up.

      Can’t promise that I still have everyone (especially not every Kyoti or Lazarus) but I’ll stick up who I can…

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