GoS October Sims: eight to download

Here are eight more sims, made for this month’s Garden of Shadows challenge.

Download them here

I use Kitty Klan’s default facial hair replacements, Ultra Plain faces and Moonlight bodies on all sims (both default replacements).

Individual CC list with each sim.

Fleur Baxter

Prompt: Flower

Hair: Anubis’s Peggy conversion

Dress: Liana

Boots: WA

Eyeshadow: Lady Frontbum’s Plain Animal

Blush: Lady Frontbum’s Sweep

Eyeliner: WA

Eyes: Tiffany Glaze

Paddy Saint

Prompt: St Patrick
Eyes: Pure Eyes

Simon Peter
Prompt: Disciple
Hair: Ambitions
Jake Small
Prompt: Disciple
Pokemon T-shirt and watch: Miss Skitty
Hair: Can’t remember, sorry!
Tony Bell
Prompt: Disciple
Everything else: WA
Ivory Towers
Prompt: Ivory
Hair: Rose sims
Lip Gloss: Lemon Leaf
Dress: Store
Bracelet: Ambitions
Croca Sobek
Prompt: Sobek
Hair and necklace: WA
Makeup: Lady Frontbum Snake
Top: Store
Skirt: HELS
Snakebites: Astray Sims
Esme Hook
Prompt: Hooked nose
Dress: Store

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