New Dayes and Taken – and a request.

Sorry for the lack of an Operation: Population update.  Hopefully it’ll be tomorrow or Thursday, but their game file is the most buggy and crashed on saving last night (and with the three girls all doing the same LTW they’re a little boring right now).

In the meantime, Taken 17. Nights at the Bar is up, along with a new ‘extra’.  The latest Dayes of Our Lives, Butler the Devil You Know sees Butlers, Bridgeport and a baby!

Also, I have a request.  I’d like some simselves to offer themselves up for potential WYDC baby mommas/daddies.  I can’t promise to use more than one or two of them, but I’d like to have some options.  If you want to volunteer your simself for the purpose, let me know.  I’ll probably also populate the Dayes’ hood with a few simselves at some stage, too.


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