Sim site of the week: Around the Sims 3

Around the Sims 3 is a quirky little gem of a site.  This bilingual (English/French) place seems much more unassuming than some, and isn’t as rammed full of custom content, but what it does have tends to be really interesting.

The latest update includes a fab looking recording studio – finally TS3 sims can compete with Cooper and co!  They have a mixture of sims, patterns, furniture, lots, clothing, make-up, accessories and items available – not too much of any of these but there are some nice little gems in each category.  The only slight downside is often sets only come as sets for donors, and you have to download items separately for free, but it’s only a small downside.

There’s also a nifty little guide to mods for TS3 which is very useful.

They also have a Sims 1 site and a Sims 2 one, though I guess if you have those games you have them already.


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