Advent Calendar: December 1

So, I have a whole heap of these planned… but I am stranded so it all depends on when I can get home 😦

Anyway, today’s was going to be a series of outtakes from my new header, but instead it’s just the header. You like? I will eventually add the outtakes to this post and you can just pretend I did them on time, OK? 😉

And here are the outtakes…

It looks like the simmies are about to gang up on me…


Bebe kept doing her flirty idles.  Heh.

The first concept involved chairs. Didn’t work.


10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 1

    • Thank you. It was snowing quite a bit in Germany where I was but nothing compared to the UK. Where I live had the most snow in the country – it was thigh deep in places.

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