Still stranded….

…apparently back home they’ve got 30cm of snow or more in some parts so no-one’s going anywhere and I’m not able to get back into the country any time soon. Man, I miss my sims. And the telly (Apprentice night!).

The photo is pilfered from my friend’s Facebook – this is what back home looks like right now, and the snow keeps falling. Yikes!


6 thoughts on “Still stranded….

    • Oh yeah. Most of Europe has ridiculous snow right now, but England and Scotland, particularly where I live, got it very badly indeed.

  1. I am a brand new follower of you…have finished a few of your legacies (that are finished) and I am eagerly awaiting more. I live in midwestern US, Ohio that is (ugh) and we haven’t had a whole lot of snow, I can only imagine how you feel being stuck so far from home…cold probably…possibly hungry 😛 anywho, lovely writing style…You have one new fan waiting patiently 😀

    • I was cold but it was cold at home too and there was less snow in Germany than here in the UK. Hungry, no, but desperate for something healthy, oh yes. Germany is not a healthy place at all, especially when you’re not cooking for yourself. And my clothes were becoming pretty gross! (I bought new pants and socks though, so that was OK. TMI, I know).

      Good to have you here. New chapters of all three stories this week I hope.

      • Mmmm try finding something healthy to eat in the US..when there is a mcdonalds or chili shop so much closer and cheaper than a grocery store in the area you life (I.E. almost every neighborhood in the mainland US) its actually an odd thing that I cook at home most days of the week…pork loins or sauteed peppers are so much more appetizing than a bit of burger with a ton of grease…or a microwaved potato 😛

  2. Kitsu – yeah, I was in the US earlier this year and food wasn’t great but at least I was in Boulder, Colorado where you might get a salad with your burger 😉

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