Advent Calendar – “December 2”

I didn’t have time for more than 2 sims this month for GoS’s monthly prompts, but here are the two I created.  I chose the prompt ‘England’ first – how could I not?  The two things that sprang to mind when I thought of England, as opposed to Britain, were the football team, and universities (a big thing over here as the fees/loans structure is different in England to Scotland and Wales), and so I created my student sim, George Saint.  I then decided to give him a girlfriend, Fia Magnus, inspired by the prompt ‘Flamingo’.  They became a couple in their early days at uni…

…George has really embraced the ‘laddish’ culture, loving nothing better than hanging out with his mates drinking a few beers, watching the footie or playing XBox…

Download George

Hair here

Top here 9not sure where jeans came from).

Eyes here

Skins – Ultra Plain faces and Moonlight bodies (both default)

Facial hair – KittyKlan default replacements

Traits: Couch potato, heavy sleeper, mooch, friendly, computer whizz. LTW: Renaissance sim

Coming to university has made Fia more creative.  She’s developed a love of the eccentric, the kitsch and the classic alike and is very into playing with style and appearance.  She’s taken to hanging with a more alternative crowd.

Download Fia

Hair here

Lip gloss here

Dress says it’s from Anna Maria sims but I can’t find it there. Bracelet – no idea, sorry 😦

Eye make-up and blusher here

Traits: Star quality, eco-friendly, party animal, mooch, frugal. LTW: Distinguished Director

As they come to the end of their time at university, might they also be coming to the end of their time together?


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