Advent Calendar: December 4

This is Liam. You’ll be meeting him at some point in 2011. But who is he and in what context will you meet him?

Here is your chance to ask him one question about himself to discover him a little more in advance of your ‘official’ introduction…


10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 4

  1. Hi Liam! Nice to meet you. I hope we hear more about your adventures next year. Are you going to be surrounded by idiots?

    • “Aww, man, that’s a bit harsh. I mean, sure, some of them are kind of idiots but most of them are alright, and some of them are good mates of mine”.

      • Aww I’m sorry mate, no offense was intended! Well, since I’m bad at guessing, I’ll just say I can’t wait to read more about your life 🙂

    • “Ha, I like you, you’ve got that mystical thing going on. You should meet a friend of mine who’s into all that Dungeons and Dragons stuff. I suppose my quest, if you like, is to play my music and make a go of it, get signed, release albums, tour. That’d be sweet”.

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