Interview times

At some point during the Advent Calendar season I’m planning to post up interviews – but in order to do that I want your questions!

Basically – if you want to ask me or one of my sims (from any of the stories) a question, leave it in the comments here and at some point during Advent we’ll answer them for you.  Don’t forget to specify who your questions are for!


4 thoughts on “Interview times

  1. If I may ask more than one…

    1. Thomas Daye, how did you feel about not being named heir?
    2. Sindy Daye, did you really want to be heiress?
    3. Alf Lazarus, what one sim or moment or achievement in your apocalegacy made you most proud?

    (If more than one is not permitted, please choose which one you’d prefer to answer.)

  2. Asa: How did you first REALLY and TRULY feel when you realized that Bebe had not been faithful to you? What would you do if you knew she had been lying to you about your other children?
    Bebe: How do you feel watching your children grow up and die but you stay young? Did you ever think this might cause some severe emotional/psychological damage on your children? Do you plan to stop at Z and let yourself die or do you want to continue on living forever?

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