Advent Calendar – December 7

Well, now. Who could this motley crew of glitching together simmies be?

Why, ’tis the ghosts of Operation: Population and Dayes of Our Lives become flesh! (Well, except Rebecca, Phoebe, Barbara, Bramble and Puddle because you can’t save ghosts to CAS right now)

Our first ever game-born ghost (well, along with his since-made-flesh twin) and still the only game-born ghost to “die”, it’s Eddie Kidd Daye.

Our longest-serving ghost, Adrian Mole Daye…

And our second-longest, Kodak Daye.

Bebe’s first ghost child, Eddie Populous.

Kodak’s daughter, Giggles Daye.

Still going strong, Blaze Daye.

Bebe’s blue boy, Nick Populous.

And the most recent child to leave home, Pepper Populous.

Pollo and Pepperoni Daye’s father, Timmy DeBleu.

…and finally, your current Daye heir, Pepperoni.

(All of these sims are available to download looking like this. Eventually I’ll upload them as ghostly households, but it’ll take some time.)


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