Advent Calendar: December 8

Another new sim character you’ll be meeting very shortly. This is Emilie. Feel free to ask her a question…


6 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 8

    • Yeah. My STUPID PARENTS are being so annoying. They don’t care about what I want, they just want me to make them look good. It’s so unfair.

    • THANK YOU for realising that I’m not a little kid any more, unlike my parents.

      I guess my best memory is that when I was little we went to Lakeside, and my dad let us stay up really late one night to catch fish. That was pretty cool.

    • Hmm. I’m pretty good at science. I think I’d like to work with animals one day, maybe become a vet. My parents and teachers tell me that science is my best subject as well, though I think my mum and dad might like me to become a doctor. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I have a long time before I need to worry about it.

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