Advent Calendar: December 9

It’s that time of year, when schools put on Nativity plays, and so, in honour of that great tradition, we present our very own Nativity(with many, many liberties taken with the story)…

A long time ago, the King issued a decree that everyone must go to the place of their birth to register for the census.

Elsewhere, a young woman was at home, when she heard a strange sound and saw a flash of light.

An angel appeared!

The angel told the young woman she was to have a child, but it would not be her husband’s baby.

The young woman did not seem particularly troubled by this news.

The time came to tell her husband…

…who was not at all surprised.

The time came for them to travel to register for the census.

They tried to find a place to stay, but every inn was taken.

The innkeeper led them to a stable.

Some shepherds were out in the fields, looking after their flock.

Suddenly they heard a great noise…

They looked up to see a wondrous sight.

A host of angels appeared before them.

They told them of a baby, born that night in a stable.

The King, meanwhile, developed an evil plan to kill off all new babies. He called upon his astrologers to locate any newborns and inform him of them.

A brightly shining star in the sky indicated the new baby’s birth.

One of these wise astrologers saw this star.

He and his friends decided to visit the child.

But they decided not to tell the King of their discovery.

The little boy had only a manger for a crib…

…but he had gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh…

…and his arrival was welcomed by many.


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