Advent Calendar: December 11

(Well, it’s just about still December 11 in some countries, anyway, right?)

I put your questions to my simmies, and here are their replies.

DB: Thomas Daye, how did you feel about not being named heir?

Thomas: DB!  You’re like my biggest supporter!  Thanks so much.  To be honest, I never had any designs on being heir, not least because I was the youngest, and my sister did such a great job, as did her descendants.  I was always just happy fishing and being with my wife and girls.  The hardest thing I ever faced was losing Kimberley – but that was nothing compared to the heartache Frederick put Sindy through.  I admire my sister a lot.

DB: Sindy Daye, did you really want to be heiress?

Sindy: I couldn’t believe so many people had voted for me.  Tom has always been the stable one.  When I was young I used to do wild things like slap Vita Alto across the face in front of everyone.  I wouldn’t have said I was responsible!  I found motherhood and running the household a challenge, especially given what Frederick put me through, though I loved all of my children.  I was very fortunate to have mum and dad to help me in the early days, and Thomas and Kimberley when mum and dad passed on.  I never really saw myself as some grand ‘legacy heir’, and I don’t know if I’d have chosen it for myself, but I know my boy did me proud, so maybe you made the right choice after all.

DB: Alf Lazarus, what one sim or moment or achievement in your apocalegacy made you most proud?

Alf: How can I choose?  I can’t believe the amazing things that happened in Riverview and the way my descendants and the community fought for survival.  Of course, getting every restriction lifted has to be the highlight, but that was a collective effort.  I think sometimes the things people do that go almost unnoticed are as heroic as the major achievements, so Oscar overcoming his own weaknesses to find happiness was really important – that young man suffered so much and he became a wonderful husband and father in time, and it didn’t matter that he didn’t lift any restrictions.  Or my granddaughter Echo, she was a musician and didn’t do anything we might perceive as more obviously noble, like policing or medicine, but her gift of music was something she adored and something that unlocked real freedom in the community.  So any time that someone overcame an obstacle or followed their heart’s desire made Riverview a better place.

Amortia: Adrian Mole, how do you feel being the oldest living (or non-living) Daye?

Adrian Mole: Well, there’s a reason they call me a chess legend, and that’s because I am.  A legend.  It’s all folks round town can talk of, you know, the oldest man who ever lived.  Well, unless you’re one of those folks who insists on calling we spectrally-challenged ‘dead’ or ‘non-living’.  Sometimes it can be a drag, having to continually go to parties for one new brat or another, though sometimes they’re cool. I liked Brillo Pad.  You’d think they’d ask me for my wisdom, though, but no.  I wish they’d stop cluttering my house up with extra relatives, though.  A man deserves to live out his twilight years in peace, without the simbot semi-son of your cousin’s grandchild or the adopted, abandoned daughter of your cousin’s great-grandchild who doesn’t even like children clogging up the place.

sundancer16: Asa, how did you first REALLY and TRULY feel when you realized that Bebe had not been faithful to you? What would you do if you knew she had been lying to you about your other children?

Asa: Well, to be honest, I’d been unfaithful to her as well, so although it was a shock and I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt, I couldn’t really take it to heart.  I knew she’d loved many men before I even met her.  Nowadays we have an understanding.  We are soulmates for life, but maybe we’ll love other people for a season.  It works for us.  I don’t know what you mean by lying, not all the children are mine, biologically, but they call me daddy.  Biology isn’t important, I love my non-biological kids as much as my biological ones – and now I’ve got kids with other women who also have other daddies, I know that family is a big thing, and you can love your kids in lots of different ways, and not every kid has one mum and one dad, some have none, and the lucky ones, like ours, might have several.

Sundancer16: Bebe, how do you feel watching your children grow up and die but you stay young? Did you ever think this might cause some severe emotional/psychological damage on your children? Do you plan to stop at Z and let yourself die or do you want to continue on living forever?

Bebe: The hardest thing I’ve ever gone through was losing a child.  And it doesn’t get any easier: Annalise, Brad, Cameron, Declan, Gail, Henry, Fitzy – not a day goes by when they’re not on my heart, and I know Asa feels the same about Winston and Ruth.  Losing a child is the most devastating experience, nothing can prepare you for it, even if they are old and have lived a full life.  I question my decision to remain young every day, but I feel I have so much life left to live and so much to discover.  If any of my children wanted to prolong their life, and their motives were genuine, then I would help them to do so.  None of them have wanted to take that step yet.  I don’t know why, but they’ve had a peace with the ageing process that I just don’t have myself.  Every parent worries they might harm their kids in some way or another.  It’s like Larkin said, they **** you up, your mum and dad, they may not mean it but they do.  So we’re all going to hurt our kids in some way, we can’t help it.  But my kids, touch wood, seem pretty well adjusted, and they know Asa and I are here for them, and they’ve got a whole host of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews that they can turn to if they need help.  I try and let my kids explore their own interests and encourage them to do whatever they want in life, and so far they’ve turned out well.  I’m unbelievably proud of them – but even if one of them coped less well, I would hope I’d be just as proud and supportive and help them through.

As for your last question, who knows what life will bring?  I don’t have a set number of children in mind – right now, I love being a mum to all of my kids and I hope to one day have more, but I have a full house right now and can’t contemplate that until some of them are old enough to take care of themselves.  Maybe I will have a dozen more children, maybe I won’t have any.  Maybe one day I’ll feel ready to grow older, but for now, I have too much living to do.


8 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 11

  1. Great answers! I guess what I meant by lying was witholding the truth… because the first 6 kids Asa thought were his, no? Anyway, good work, and I like the whole idea of the advent calender and getting your readers involved.

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