Advent Calendar – December 13

I don’t know if you’ve ever come across speed dating, but it’s where you get a few minutes to chat to a lot of people and see how compatible you think you are. So I wondered what would happen if the cast of Operation: Populaiton went speed dating…

I set up a bar for them to meet in, then moved a whole host of sims onto the lot…

…and got Bebe and Asa ready to meet up with their baby mommas and daddies…

I wanted to see who was most compatible, so set up a fairly level playing field.

In CAS, I created a household of Bebe, Asa, Cocaine, Malika, Adam, Sherman, Alfie Win and Krillitane.

I set up the game in Sunset Valley, and then used Edit Town to add in some of the households I’d been using in the game: Charming, Crimson/Devine, Chimeree, Greene, Redd, Bluegren, GreenBlue and Daye.  This meant that Sheila, Cassia, Jenny, Seona and Jade were all still married, as were Buster and Thornton.  I totally forgot about the Martinez household, and I couldn’t get Ian’s father from France, nor Todd’s father, who’s not in my sim bin.  Apart from that, I think I got all the mothers and fathers in the game.

Using Twallan’s Master Controller and Portrait Panel I moved everyone who I needed into the same house and made everyone’s needs static.

Because the first eight in the household all had a default relationship level of 20, I made them all have a relationship score of 20 to start off on an even footing.

Bebe and Asa then ‘speed dated’ each of their respective baby mommas/daddies.

In turn, they ran the same four interactions with each sim.

Firstly, they chatted.

Then, they used the options that come with Twallan’s ‘woohooer’ mod: Gauge attraction (which scores out of 4 how attractive the other sim thinks they are) and Consider attractiveness (which scores out of 10 how active your sim thinks the other sim is)

The fourth interaction was to flirt.

I decided to promise everyone any interactions they wanted to have with other sims, and fulfil these after the initial dating.  Lots of sims wanted to get in the hot tub with someone, so I bought them one.

When I added Ransom Clavell and Basil Flores to the household, they came as humans, not ghosts.  I couldn’t click on their portraits and they were the only ones who seemed to be behaving autonomously.

Everyone else just seemed to be standing around, taking up room.

I then discovered that I’d left free will off after an Taken photo shoot weeks ago, which may also help explain why my game families have been so miserable lately.

Crisis averted, we carried on…

After Bebe had flirted with Adam and Krillitane, they stood there making flattered noises and doe eyes at each other.  I thought maybe there was a spark there, but no, they were just glitchy.  26 sims on a lot, including two kind-of-ghosts is glitching hell.

Buster was the only sim who person person minused at the flirting.

They’re not married in this set-up, so I also had them use the same interactions with each other.

I then checked everyone’s menus to see what rolls I had locked in for them.  Lots of people wanted to play a game with Jenny, for some reason.

Jared, meanwhile, wanted to beat his brother at a game.

I checked Bebe and Asa’s relationship scores at this stage, taking into account both their score values and the attractiveness ratings they had from using the woohooer interactions.

I kept in everyone who had interactions rolled up and locked in, and everyone Bebe and Asa’s scores were reasonable with.

Cycl0n3 had rolled up the desire to skinny dip with Merlot.

…and Jared had rolled up the want to skinny dip with Bebe.  Both Jared and Bebe also wanted to get married, though not to each other.

Asa wanted to skinny dip…

…with Seona.

At this stage, Asa’s highest value relationships were: Seona, Sheila and Jade.  He didn’t have a good compatability rating with anyone using the woohooer interactions.

Bebe’s highest value relationships were with Sherman, Cocaine and Thornton, and with the woohooer interactions, she had a high score with Leighton, Karate, Cocaine, Ransom and Jared.  I kicked most of the others out at this stage.

Bebe and Thornton wanted to be friends with each other, and Asa wanted to be friends with Jenny, so I got them chatting.  Other than that, I waited to see what people would do autonomously, and what they would roll up in terms of wants.

Mostly they did nothing much but get in the hot tub from time to time, so I decided to up the ante.  I went round everyone doing the same four ‘speed dating’ interactions as before, then kicked out a bunch more sims whose relationship scores were lower and who hadn’t rolled up anything interesting in a while.

We were left with Thornton, Jenny, Seona and Sherman after that.

No-one was rolling up anything, so I got them all to play tag and max out their friendships.  I even caught Bebe and Asa flirting a little and thinking of each other.

Asa wanted to kiss Jenny in the hot tub…

…and Sherman wanted to kiss Seona.  After that, no-one wanted anything for several sim days, so I decided if two sims rolled up the same want, I’d give it to them, even if it wasn’t for each other.

Two sims wanted to make out in a hot tub…

…and Seona wasn’t one of them.

Jenny and Sherman both wanted to woohoo in the hot-tub, so I let them.

…meanwhile, Bebe started to take notice of someone, and she and this sim both decided they wanted to make out with someone in a hot tub…

…and as soon as I’d let them make out, they wanted to woohoo each other.

Meanwhile, one of the married sims (remember, Seona and Thornton are both married to sims outside of the household) got a phone call from their spouse, who promptly was moved in…

…and within minutes the two of them were all over each other.

So in the end, I guess this just proves that some sim pairings really were meant to be…


5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – December 13

  1. That’s so sweet! Even after all of that, it’s fate that Bebe and Asa were meant to be together, as well as Seona and Standby – ahh true love 😀

    That’s a crazy good idea you had, I like the way you worked it out as well.

    • In truth it was a better idea than in practice, as most of the time none of them rolled up anything at all, but I found it cute that they ended up together.

    • I was kind of surprised it worked out like that, I thought Asa and Seona would end up together for sure, their ratings were strong, but they just didn’t roll up many wants relating to each other. I wasn’t sure who Bebe would be more likely to get with – I thought maybe Coke or Thornton, but it was very cute that they got together in the end.

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