Advent Calendar: December 14

For this month’s GoS challenge, there are two sims available.

Inspired by the prompt ‘cat’ is Catrina Feline. Agile, seductive, persuasive, she gets what she wants, even if it’s by dubious means.

Traits: Kleptomaniac/Daredevil/Adventurous/Lucky/Loves the Outdoors

LTW: Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

Download Catrina

Makeup: Lady Frontbum

Top: Store

Hair: Kittehbomb’s recolour of Savio’s Anto 29 (you’ll need both files)

Piercings: Winry (lip), Sleepless Angel (ears)

Leggings: Aloplex

Eyes: Tiffany glaze contacts

Jenny Deeds was inspired by ‘denim’ and ‘brunette’, and is a wannabe record company mogul, working her dues managing small bands who play in small clubs.

Traits: Ambitious/Schmoozer/Star Quality/Perfectionist/Born Saleswoman

LTW: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Download Jenny

Top: store

Tattoo: Lost Utopia

Denim pattern: All About Style

Earrings: Greenoodle

Hair/Jeans: Don’t know, sorry.  They came with sims from the exchange at some point.



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