Advent Calendar: December 17

Over at Valley Sun Sims, we’re in love with Mosaics. Beth and Gayl create them for all their characters in the Sessions series and the rest of us are getting the bug. I did one for Naomi from Taken a while back.  I decided I’d do some more for the Taken characters to help me get to know them better. Then I thought – why not do festive themed mosaics?  So here are four festive mosaics for you to enjoy.

The categories are:

1. Name

2. Favourite Christmas song

3. Favourite Christmas dessert

4. What you want for Christmas

5. Favourite Christmas drink

6. Role in school Christmas play

7. Favourite pantomime

8. Favourite childhood Christmas present

9. Favourite Christmas decoration

1. Niamh 2. Baby it’s Cold Outside 3. Yule Log 4. Running shoes 5. Mint Baileys 6. Angel 7. Snow White 8. Furby 9. Star lights

1. Ando 2. Last Christmas 3. Japanese Christmas Cake 4. Graphics card 5. Plum sake 6. Nobody 7. Kabuki 8. Tamagotchi 9. Tree

1. Simon 2. Fairytale of New York 3. Christmas Pudding 4. Golf clubs 5. Brandy 6. Joseph 7. Dick Whittington 8. Hornby Train Set 9. Mistletoe

1. Katie 2. All I Want for Christmas is You 3. Champagne jelly 4. Books 5. Gingerbread Latte 6. Angel Gabriel 7. Sleeping Beauty 8. Sylvanian Families 9. Christmas cards


3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: December 17

  1. Yay!! Christmas themed mosaics!! Lovely 🙂

    Ando’s is my fav I think. First of all because I want a graphics card as well (geeks ftw!!), and because I lmao’d with 6. role =chair, hahaha!!!

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