Advent Calendar: December 18

You know those annual Christmas letters some families send? Well, I thought it’d be fun to see the letters some of my simmies would send…

Dear all

2010’s been the busiest year of our lives! Bebe moved to Sunset Valley early in the year and got a job in the science facility. She earned several promotions and is currently working as part of a ghost-cleansing task force to help the city’s spectral population. Asa and Bebe met and married, and Asa worked his way through several careers. He’s currently back with his first love, music, and working towards becoming a rock star.

We have had several children: Annalise, Brad, Cameron, Declan, Eddie, Fitzy, Gail, Henry, Ian, Julie, Katya, Lucy, Maria, Nick, Olenski, Pepper, Phoebe, Quinn, Rebecca, Rosemary, Scott, Todd, Wilson, Edna, Ruth, Shawanda, Sterling, Natasha, Julianne, Paige and Cassidy. We’re also proud grandparents and great grandparents.

Sadly we lost Annalise, Brad, Cameron, Declan, Fitzy, Gail, Henry, Ian, Ruth, Wilson and Julianne this year but we remember them fondly in our hearts.

Phoebe, Quinn, Rebecca, Rosemary and Scott are fulfilling their dreams, while Todd continues to delight us. We’re enjoying gardening and have a yard full of omni plants and money trees.

We hope to grow our family in 2011 and look forward to the new personal and professional challenges the new year will bring.

Merry Christmas

The Populous Family

Hi all!

2010 has been a crazy year for us. The family started the year with our ancestor Eddie Kidd as the head of the household, and since then Fuji, Javelin, Brillo Pad and Mr Muscle have all taken the helm.

We’ve lived in Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook and Bridgeport, have taken holidays in Egypt, France and China and have glitched all over the place.

Sad times were had earlier this year when the townies took against our ghosts, mummies and simbots, but the situation appears to have resolved itself lately.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, Mona is adjusting to life as both a celebrity and a vampire, Pepperoni and Quentin are slogging hard at their police careers, GaGa is chasing promotion to the top of the firefighter career and Pollo is trying to find new investigator cases. Alley and Bramble are looking forward to growing up. They keep casting a longing eye over the bar and the nectar cellar, which is a little troubling for girls so young. Baby Puddle is the latest addition to the faimly. We can’t wait to see how he turns out.

Our relatives Adrian Mole, Kodak, Giggles and Blaze are still going strong. Uncle Ady recently celebrated his 234th birthday.

We’re looking forward to another year of chaos, lagging, glitching and new EPs

Season’s Greetings

The Daye Family

Hello everyone!

Well, 2010 has been a very eventful one here in Riverview. It was only a few months ago that we were living in the shadow of the accident that blighted our town several generations ago. Yet thanks to the efforts of our town, we were able to free ourselves from the restrictions placed on us and we’ve since been living in freedom.

Anne-Marie has become the town’s premier gardener, with several stores in the town and region clamouring for her fresh produce. Kes and Anthony’s restaurant is thriving, whilst Krillitane continues to work hard at the lab. She and Ria are still very much in love. Sheila has developed a very strong personality of her own – Ilari finds it hard to keep up with her. Jango remains leader of Riverview and is very much enjoying his role in forging relationships with other towns and cities.

As for our own children, they are growing so fast! Luke is now at university in Kingsfield studying physics and Micah will be going to university next year. Noah and Omega are now teenagers and couldn’t be more different. Noah is quiet and sensible, Omega is a bundle of energy.

We’re very grateful for the blessings this year has brought us and look forward to what is to come

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Lazarus family


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